Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mall of America visit today

I went to the Mall of America today. If you are into noise and chaos, it's a great place. My ears are still ringing from the constant din created by all the people, stores, mechanicals, and the adventure land. Good people watching though. Especially the food court. I had some tasty cheese curds, and some surprizingly good Asian food court food. I'd eat it again it was so good. I've decided that I really like Bloomingdales. Good stuff, great service, clean stores, and well organized. I also visited Sears and Macy's, and felt that Macy's wasn't nearly as nice as Bloomy's. Sears, of course, is a place that nearly every man in the world can enjoy. Checked out some cool tools, and some BBQ grills. Didn't purchase one, but someday I'd like a gas grill. Right now though I'll save my money.

The conference was good, but I hate going into Minneapolis. Downtown is such a mess, and some idiot decided that all the streets should be the same number, just street and avenue to confuse everyone. Parking there is a nightmare, though on weekends not nearly as bad unless there is a sporting event or big concert. I suppose night time in the bar area has bad parking on weekends, but I didn't find out.

I resisted the temptation to write any checks in the Oakdale Red Lobster. Gas is getting expensive, I might have to buy a scooter to get to work on. I can just imagine all the fun of rush hour traffic on a 120 lb. moped that does 45mph going downhill with a tail wind. (I'm not serious about getting a moped, but check out that guy's sweet ride!)

I'll post later this week about Mother's Day. Simply put, waiter hate it. It brings out the worst guests, and everyone thinks they need to spend the afternoon sitting in our booths reflecting on their negligence of their mother the other 364 days a year. Ugh.

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The Shrinking Vegan said...

I was actually there Sunday as well, some of the noise was caused by a visiting pro skateboarder. Zumiez sponsored Geoff Rowley to come and 2 hours before he was gonna show up there were about 1000 people in line.

It made shopping for shoes there difficult. The place was packed though, I hadn't been there in almost 2 years.

I hope you enjoyed the crappy MN weather, it's not usually like this.

Lobster Boy said...

Cold and rainy, I thought I missed a turn and ended up in Seattle! I actually like that type of rain though, it was never too hard, so you could see to drive, and an umbrella was adequate in keeping you dry as you move from car to building. It's going to cause a lot of lawn mowing in the Twin Cities though!

Lobster Boy

Nicole said...

I missed you at the mall by a day. It was a madhouse there Saturday too...