Friday, June 16, 2006

Rock Lobster shortage

Red Lobster is not promoting this publicly, but as of now they have taken the large Rock Lobster tails off the menu. The only Rock tail shipping to stores are the 7oz. tail that is used in the steak and lobster meals. This is attributed to an unusually bad harvest of the larger Rock Lobster. In addition to this, Red Lobster has raised the prices on the meals including Lobster because of issues with the harvest. Raising prices and taking some Lobsters off the menu should (hopefully) significantly reduce consumption. There has been discussion about the fact that if this does not improve dramatically they might not be able to do LobsterFest. LobsterFest is the best time of the year as a Red Lobster waiter. We've had quite a number of people quit since it ended, especially more tenured staff who were fed up with the asinine corporate policies that are strangling our earning potential as servers.

The memo that is posted in all Red Lobsters says that the Rock Lobster meal (the large tail) will be off the menu until 10/30/06 at the earliest. We do have a new meal (that is not in the menu) of two Maine Lobster tails that we can direct the guests to if they really miss the large Rock Lobster meal.

Red Lobster has taken references to the Rock Lobster out of it's menus and literature, but in their amazing ineptitude, when they reprinted all of the menus (for over 700 stores!) they failed to remove the picture of the ROCK LOBSTER from the front of the Dinner menu. Quality work there at our corporate head quarters. It amazes me that the board of directors tolerate this type of incompetence.

We get this reminder every day in our store:


As a reminder, on Tuesday, 6/13, the Rock Lobster Dinner was removed from the menu until late October. Please remember to:

* Use the information on your Lobster Talk Cards to redirect guests to other menu items
* Make sure guests are aware of the price of the Maine Tail dinner if they choose that item

So in summary, your Lobster meals will now be more expensive, and you can no longer order the largest of Rock Lobster tails.

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Evil Boy Genius said...

It wasn't a rock,
It was a rock lobster!

Duckie said...

rock 'n' roll lobster! w00t!

Duckie said...

wow, you're site is going all wonky, hope you get it back up to what it was real soon

Mary Kelly said... like seafood.....

Lobster Boy said...

I completely changed the template. I was having so many problems reconstructing the old one to the way I liked it. I'll continue to tweak this one, but for the moment it'll stay in this simple format. I have a 70+ hour work week coming up this week between my two jobs, so I won't have much time. Once I make it through this week things settle back down to normal, or at least what I call normal.

Ideally, I'll go back to something like the old format, with better color and more interesting boxes, but for the moment I need simple and clean so I don't have to think about it.

Lobster Boy