Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thanks for reading!

I track who visits this site and how often (don't worry, you are for the most part annoymous) and it is remarkably surprizing how many people pass through here in any given period of time. When I started the blog in December, I really had little to no expectations for it. It was a place for me to vent/rant about how Red Lobster has begun to go down the tubes in a very noticable fashion. New employees might not notice it, but those of us who have been around a while could see it.

The first couple of months started pretty slowly as far as traffic goes. I didn't do much of anything to promote my blog other than commenting on other waiter's blogs. I honestly still don't do much as far as promotions.

Last week I had a day with over 700 unique visitors. While I realize that's not major player traffic, it is far more than I would have ever guessed.

I owe a lot of my traffic to two events. The first was the Insane Waiter mentioned me and listed me. That sent at least 100 people a day I would guess for a few days, and then some of them kept reading here.

The second surge came from being listed on the front page of Waiter Rant. I have no idea how Waiter picked up on my blog (yes, I've commented a few times on his blog) because there is such a volume of traffic through his blog. And then to somehow get put up on his side bar is fantastic. I suppose that means I should actually write something :-) worth reading! I'll have a new post later today.

80% of my readers are from the USA, 10% from Canada, and 10% from all over the rest of the world. 2/3 of my readers use Windows XP, and almost 1/3 browse using Firefox. There have been over 36,000 Hits!

If you are still reading this, I just want to thank you for participating in whatever way you do. If it is just browsing from time to time, or if it is regular comments, I appreciate it.

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staticwarp said...

yes, i definitely enjoy your writing. a good portion of my daily reads have been found on waiter rant's sidebar. thats how i found this blog, and i intend to keep reading as long as you keep writing! it is also interesting to get your take on red lobster because i have never eaten there. next time i'll have a clandestine look around and see how the kids are treating the waitstaff.


Paul said...

I come to your site every once in a while, linked through WaiterRant. I've never worked as a waitperson but I do eat out a lot (mostly traveling on business), so it's nice to see the perspective from the other side of the table, so to speak. Thanks for the entertaining comments. I also track visitors to my blog, and I'm surprised to see so many from overseas. Of course, opera is an international subject, whereas red Lobster is uniquely American.