Saturday, November 11, 2006

Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster almost over!

November 20th will be the last day of the evil Endless Shrimp promotion. So if you plan on gorging yourself 'till near bursting, there is only a few days left to do so. The next promotion will be a nice one leading us into the holiday season, with what I suspect to be high dollar large platter meals with (hopefully) Lobster and Crab as feature portions. They told us the name of the upcoming promotion, but it wasn't something remarkable that sticks in the head. I expect we will see materials on the upcoming promotion early next week.

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OldSchool36 said...

Woohoo! Even though tonight was very likely my last shift as a server, I am still psyched to see Endless Shrimp leaving. I had a guy the other day tell me at least 6 times that he had eaten 92 shrimp. I told him I'd write his name on the board in the back so he'd be quiet.

Lobster Boy said...

92 is nothing. I've seen people eat 220+. I watched a lady eat 8+ lbs. of snow crab during endless crab last year. At 92 you are just getting your training wheels taken off when it comes to inhumanly gorging yourself like it is your last meal.

Lobster Boy

Brad #1 said...

I would remind the people that eat that many shrimp that they are also eating the shrimp's shit. There's no way that RL is de-gutting that many shrimp for that size of a promotion.