Monday, December 11, 2006

The Holiday Rush

The holiday rush is upon us. Not only do we have the normal insanity of our own personal holiday schedules, but we servers have the added insanity of this being one of our busiest times of the year. Days off requests are often denied, as we need to keep a full floor plan. Everyone is required to work extra shifts the days before and after Christmas and New Years. Short of Lent, this is our busiest extended period as a restaurant. It also means more big parties and more people who stop in and want a quick in and out because they are shopping/traveling. Big parties and tables in a hurry are generally diametrically opposed. It is like trying to put two similarly charged magnet ends together. It is one of the few times during a year that I feel a bit sorry for our hosts, as big parties are continually destroying their estimated seating time quotes. Our lobby fills, our bar fills, and there are sections where it becomes hazardous to wait on tables because of people getting in the way.

So we will try to be cheery. We will try to fake a laugh at your lame Santa jokes, and we'll tell you that your ugly grandchild looks "cute" with reindeer antlers on their stocking cap. But keep in mind that while you are having fun, while you are spreading wrapping paper throughout our dining room, while you are spending like you have no limits, we are working. We'll take your family pictures, we'll wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, but it won't really be happy for us until it has passed and we have gone to the bank.

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Suz said...

Shhhh!! Don't tell them we aren't really as joyous as they are to be partaking of their parties.


I hear you. Our holiday parties really cramp our weekends, which are great all year long. We lose business because of the big parties. :(

Starlet said...

the holidays are effing retarded.

Ranter said...

The holidays always sucked in store - couldn't get a park, low individual sales and no commission, gift boxing (which I don't dislike, time consuming as it is) and generally cranky customers. Post-Christmas exchanges and refunds can be tiresome too.

Makes me glad I'm in the office now!