Friday, December 01, 2006

Simply funny

We've had a few days of cold this week, and the result is that very small bodies of water have iced over in our area. I was driving past a golf course earlier today, and next to the road was a small pond (25x40 feet) where there are often a few ducks or geese swimming. Apparently the ice was thick enough on this pond to keep a goose from breaking through it upon landing. I could see where a handful of geese must have tried landing on it earlier in the morning, and they had wiped off the snow flurries/frost and left skid marks across the ice with their butts as they slid out of control. I had to laugh. I almost ran into the curb I was laughing so hard, imagining the surprise of the gaggle of geese as they bounced off of what they were expecting to be water! The ice was crystal clear, as it has been pretty calm during this cold stretch. I could see where one goose had started sliding 6 or 8 feet from shore and must've ran himself into the the edge of the shore before he regained control. Animals crack me up!


blueribbon said...

please see my comment to your Nov. 28th post. Thanks.

Lobster Boy said...

I responded in the other thread.