Saturday, June 09, 2007

White trash week

Apparently I missed the memo about this being white trash week. Every Cletus, Gomer and Bubba and their cousinwife and ugly inbred children has decided this was the week to make their pilgrimage into our Red Lobster. Is there a meth brewers convention in town? Yes, it's been that bad. And not just for me. Maybe it's in celebration of Paris Hilton going to jail (and now back to jail).

Just a friendly suggestion, telling your server that you will be unbuttoning your pants so you can finish and won't be needing "no doggy bag" doesn't build any confidence that you'll be leaving a nice tip. But I suppose that illusion was crushed earlier when you asked if we had Pabst or High Life.

Maybe they are all just wealthy day traders with poor hygiene, but I really don't think so.

When did flip flops and flannels with no sleeves become redneck fashion? (that's a trick question)

Now for something completely different...

I'm going to my first baseball game of the season later this week. I'm not what I would consider a big baseball fan, but I absolutely love going to games (when the weather is good). Sitting outside, relaxing, overpaying for bad beer and ballpark dogs. It is cathartic (no, not the laxative definition). You get to relax with friends, or if you have no friends everyone near you with a similar jersey is now your friend de facto. You can yell and scream and it is completely socially acceptable, and often encouraged. It is like a cheap therapy session (unless you buy a jersey or something) but you leave with positive memories.

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6th Floor blog said...

i AM what you'd consider a big baseball fan, so enjoy the game!

Steve said...

While I am a big baseball fan, I haven't been to a home game of my favorite team (Atlanta Braves) for some time, and I feel like more of an idle spectator at most games. It's fun to root for a team you like, regardless of the reason, without spending any time or money on them at all. Quite cathartic indeed.

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Sara said...

bwahhhh! "Meth brewers convention".

Too funny!

Manuel said...

so how did that all work out then?