Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waiter Revolution video

I think this guy must be reading my blog. Hat tip to Waiter at Waiter Rant (see my sidebar) for this video.

WARNING: this is not safe for work (NSFW).


smile4ufrme said...

This guy must of just came off of a shift at Red Lobster.
Sounds like an All You Can Eat Shrimp.. pain to me..

Anna said...

He does have the red lobster uniform on...LOL.

OldSchool36 said...

"The color of your skin... is ASSHOLE!"

lmao great

e.weinmann said...

If you add a tie, it's the same uniform that we have to wear at my restaurant.
If only he were really in a Red Lobster, that would be great!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* that's everyone at my job...myself included. I don't know why morons try to drive us insane like that.