Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I survived...

I survived yet another year's worth of torturous Endless Shrimp. It actually feels good to tell people we have no meal options that are all you can eat.

To worsen things, the clueless people at our corporate offices dropped another $4 off coupon toward the end of Endless Shrimp. I really think these sadistic bastards have no clue. Endless Shrimp already has us digging near the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality of customers. It has the same effect of yelling "Free Guns!" at a hillbilly militia convention. Everyone and their cousin-sister comes in thinking they will be the one to set the shrimp eating record. I suspect they have an unannounced plan to also set the record for worst tip of the night as well. I don't mind if you work for a living, or have pig shit on your shoes. However, if you leave me pig shit for a tip I do mind.

While I'm thinking about bad tippers with not enough teeth and really bad haircuts, I'd like to also address most of the country of Canada. You chintzy tipping bastards. Complementing me on how much better the food and service is in our restaurant than you get in your Canadian ones does not pay my bills. I'm not impressed with your attempt to show the table (and all the surrounding ones) how well you hold your liquor. I don't care how many hours you drove to get here, if you don't know how to tip, keep on driving.


BNI Member said...

Hey there...

I'm a big fan of your blog and read it all the time! As Ellen Degeneres says, "I don't get all you can eat places. We shouldn't be eating ALL we can eat. We're not bears; we're not hibernating for the winter!"

Anyway, I'm glad the All You Can Eat Shrimp is over.

I've recently started a blog of my own, and wanted to let you know that I have added Red Lobster Blog to my blogroll. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Dennis said...

When I worked at The Lob years ago, we served All You Can Eat snow crab legs twice a year for, like $12.99.


Every shift was "Amateur Night," and we lost more than a few colleagues.


- Dennis

Stephanie said...

I've never eaten at a Red Lobster but love your blog. I'm Canadian and tip 20%. I would hope my fellow citizens will tip better now that our dollar is stronger. Sheesh.

Void said...

I was working during this Endless Shrimp promotion. There were no shortage of poverty cases asking about the "all-you-can-eat shrimp" as if that was the name of the promotion. I got tired of explaining that I couldn't provide take-out boxes and once the promotion ended I gladly smiled whenever I got to tell somebody that we no longer had Endless Shrimp. Sometimes I had to explain it 8 different ways before they understood that they weren't getting it, but it was worth it.