Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pet Peeves

From time to time I'm going to feature a couple of my pet peeves. Feel free to join in.

1. It is not a baffroom.

2. Men wearing fur coats. Especially when it is warm out. I'll make an exception if you killed, gutted, skinned and sewed that coat.


Melissa said...

I hate when people pluralize shrimp...it is not garlic or fried "shrimps", or maybe it is, but I find it annoying.

Esther said...

1. Do not knock on the window, counter, or table to get my attention when I am already walking towards you, or have already aknowledged you and have asked you to wait a minute. It's called first come, first serve.

2) I hate "word verification" codes that are composed of random letters that you can barely see.

Eric said...

Actually, I shit you not, I was waiting for an eyeglasses prescription at Costco yesterday idly watching people go through the check out when I spotted this guy wearing a Bearskin Vest with..get this the Paws, claws and all, as a sort of Sleeve / Epelauts.

Lobster Boy said...

I wish I didn't have to have the word verification on the blog. Spammers are relentless bastards, and it is the only way to control the content of the comments. Leaving it without the verification would open a floodgate of spam that I'm not interested in.

Lobster Boy

Amanda said...

Pet peeves:
1. People who don't know proper driving etiquette (turning if you're in a turn only lane (duh!!!), moving over to allow people to merge, signaling a turn, etc...).

2. People who can't/won't speak at least close to proper english (the word is ask not axk, double negatives are just dumb...)

3. People who don't bother to bathe before coming to wrork.

BNI Member said...

I used to work with someone who wore the same ratty pair of pants everyday and maybe washed them once a month...that was gross

Anonymous said...

People who, upon asking them if they are ready to order, look around the table at each other for 30 seconds, saying, "Are you ready? What about you, Helen? John, do you know what you want?" Then, finally, all patrons decide they are ready to order, only it takes 10 minutes to get their orders from them because in reality, absolutely none of them actually has any idea what it is they want to eat. And the one who takes the longest to order is usually the one who tok charge asking everyone around her if they were ready or not.

Really, I would almost rather you say, "No, give us a few minutes, please," because chances are, I have about 4 things I need to hurry up and do, and need to do that more than I need to stand at your table while you contemplate broiled walleye for the 4th time.

Ken said...

People who use "a" instead of "an" before a word starting with a vowel that should be led by "an". esp. annoying when newscasters do it.

Brent@the591 said...

OKAY Pet Peeves

1. Wheres our cheese things at? Okay first of all you have not recieved your drinks yet, second of all are you wanting cheese sticks or the cheddar biscuits. Judging by your mullet and overalls I will just assume you are too fucking cheap to pay for an appitizer.

2. Please do not order our Ultimate FEST its feast and you just sound like a moron.

3. Do not tell me I forgot the butter with the biscits, they are soaked in garlic butter and that is why they automatically do not come with butter

4. Please do not ask me to bring you a bowl of lemmons and 20 packs of sugar, I would much rather just fucking give you a free lemonade then have to clean all that shit up in addition to all the crap your kids are going to destroy

Stephanie said...

You guys got them all you can eat scrimps?!?! Where is that $9.99 scrimp special?

Yeah can I have that Moww-ey Loww-ey Shrimp and Salmon? The fried talla-pia?

The fact that if everyone at your table orders raspberry lemonade and orange soda, and chooses buffalo wings as an appetizer, you know you are completely screwed for a tip, regardless of any other stereotypes.

Stephanie said...

I also had to add the old people who order coffee and let you know halfway through their salads that Ohmygosh their coffee is cold. Maybe it's just how I roll, but when I order a coffee, my expectation is not that it is going to be piping hot 15 minutes after I ordered it. Kthnxbye.