Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lent and where's the fish?

Lobster Boy made his first trek to McD's during Lent this past Friday as good Catholic boys are want to do this time of year. Got a couple of Fillet O' Fish.

A few bites in, I found myself surprised that there is virtually NO FISH in one of those sandwiches. When did this happen? I swear there used to be a lot more fish to these things. Anyone else experience this? It was like eating a sandwich of breaded breading. Sure, this doesn't screw up my giving up meat in any way, but that was annoying. Anyone else know of a decent fast food fish sandwich? I think I'm going to try Sonic this week.

Lent rocks as a Red Lobster server. Friday nights are only slightly slower than Mother's Day, but are far more lucrative. Not only do my extended Catholic family members eat fish on Friday's, but a good number of them drink like fish too, which only adds to our bottom line as servers. And some come in after Mass on other days too, extending our Lent jackpot to more than just Friday nights!


Cricket said...

I've heard that the new Wendy's fish sandwich is pretty good. I'm not a personal fan of fish sandwiches, so that's secondhand advice.

MHAithaca said...

Sadly, the new Wendy's fish sandwich is awful. It wasn't served hot, it was kind of dry, and the fish was neither tender nor flaky. Either this restaurant did it wrong, or the sandwich is just way off the mark. If I want a good fish sandwich, I'm not going to any fast-food place. I'm going to Doug's Fish Fry or the Glenwood Pines!

Suz said...

Best fast food fish sandwich is the BK Big Fish from Burger King. Get you one.... :)

christopher said...

The Wendy's by my place makes a good fish sandwich. Another one I went to, not so much. So it seems to be hit and miss.

Anna-rchy said...

I think our red lobster crunchy fish sandwich is pretty good.

I didn't like the BK one.