Monday, November 23, 2009


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Somewhat because I am thankful for a lot of stuff, but mostly because I'm a gifted eater and I love to watch football. And it is one of the days in the year I am guaranteed to get to watch football. No work, no BS, just football. If you get between me and the TV while the game is on, I will tackle you.

I haven't posted about food in quite some time, but suffice it to say I love to cook for Thanksgiving nearly as much as I love to eat it! I'll be using a Coke & Salt brine for the turkey since I don't want to fry one this year. I've done this turkey before and it is AMAZING! We'll have a cornbread stuffing, corn, various other cold veggies, a roasted garlic home style mashed potato, sweet potatoes (cheating on these and using store bought ones though), beets, various salads others are bringing, and to top it all off a pear dumpling with home made cinnamon ice cream. I'm not a baker, so some others are bringing pies - Dutch Apple, Pumpkin, and Blueberry!

I know for sure we'll be drinking a couple of bottles of 2006 Ravenswood Old Vine Zin that I have been keeping in storage the last couple of years. I'm sure after dinner that some Scotch will be making an appearance too - for sure some of my Laphroaig 18 year old, and likely a few others from my collection. I also have some Goose Island offerings - both beer and sodas. I have some of their Harvest Ale and some Nut Brown Ale. I have a collection of random beers left over from Oktoberfest that will likely disappear as well.

I seriously may consume 10,000 calories on Thanksgiving day, and I am going to enjoy each and every one of them.

Until I have to burn them off on the treadmill for the next week...


BizTone said...

Coke and Salt Brine? Sign me up man!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love Thanksgiving for the same reasons, pretty much.