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Recipe for almost Lou Malnotti's Pizza

Pizza is nearly the perfect food if you ask me. Especially Chicago style deep dish!

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There's been some inquiries of late to convert my recipe to volume, so...

With some help from chiguy, who did the original breakdown for this recipe, I thought I'd repost it with the final modification that I made with the oil. This will make a 14" Lou Malnati's style pizza.

Flour 100% | 442g | 3 1/2 cups at about 125Gr per cup (approx.) cups for allpurpose
Water 45% | 198.9g | 7oz. (approx.)
Corn oil 19% | 81g | 6 Tablespoons (approx.) 1Tb=14g
Olive oil 4% | 17.5g | 1.25 Tablespoons (approx.) 1Tb=14g
ADY 0.75% | 3.3g | .85 teaspoon

I use King Arthur AP flour. To measure flour, you will need a 1 cup for dry measure and a 1/2 cup dry measuring cup and a spoon and a flat edge like a straight knife to level off the top of the cup measure. Use the spoon to fill the measuring cup so that the cup is light and airy. When the cup is slightly mounded, use the straight edge to draw across the top of the cup to level taking care not to compact the flour. Do this three times for the on cup and one time for the 1/2 cup.

I grease the pan (bottom only...not the sides, it seems to cause the dough to slide) with Crisco shortening.
A 14" gets exactly 1 lb. sliced mozz
I use Johnsonville Sweet Italian sausage.

I combine the yeast with 110* water in the mixer. After the yeast is fully dissolved I start adding the flour to my Kitchen Aid mixer until it starts getting pretty stiff then I start adding the oil and the rest of the flour. Once it's all combined I turn the mixer up to a mid speed (4-5) and let it knead for 45-60 seconds. I pull the dough out of the mixer bowl to add some oil to wipe around in the bowl for the rise. Back in goes the dough, swirl it around to coat with the little bit of oil and cover with a tea towel. In the oven it goes with the light on and a pan of hot water on the rack underneath it. I punch it down after two hours and let it come back up again for another hour or two (until doubled again). Then it goes into a ziplock bag in to the fridge overnight but I've found that 48 hrs produced the best flavor. Pull it out about an hour and a half before I want to make the pie. I slide it out of the bag and straight to the greased pan patting it out on the bottom as evenly as possible and then go around pinching it up the sides. That's it. Cheese it. Sauce it. Top it.

Lobster Boy notes:
You can substitute butter for the corn oil for a butter crust and adding an extra tablespoon of olive oil.
20-24 ounces of sauce per pie.
1+ pound of the best Mozzarella cheese sliced
Sliced and browned Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage is really good on this.

Bake at 475F on the middle rack until crust is golden (about 20-30 minutes depending on pizza size and total toppings).