Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation = Sanity

Took a vacation recently.  Loved every minute of it.  What beats sitting pool side having people bring you an unending supply of fruity drinks?  Not much, that's for sure!  But all good things must come to an end.

There is nothing quite like a vacation to remind you just how much you hate your job sometimes.  But thankfully we get paid vacation at Red Lobster, so I guess I hate it a bit less than I might were I working somewhere else.  And there is nothing like getting that vacation check unexpectedly!  You'd think after years of working for a company that you'd remember something like that, but most years it sneaks up on me and surprises me.  (FYI - if you work at RL long enough to qualify for vacation pay, it comes to you when you pass your original hire date - so if my date were Sept. 1, then every year after Sept. 1 I get that check)

Why does it surprise me?  Because as a server, I NEVER see my hourly wages.  They go mostly to taxes, some to insurance, some to stock options, some to Darden Dimes (if you aren't giving to DD you are a self centered ass munch BTW, and you should give more than a dime you cheap bastard.)

So when I get that check, I generally haven't thought through what I'm going to spend it on.  The last 5 or so years I have intentionally spent it on "nothing".  I've used it to treat co-workers to beers for a month (well, at the pace we drink beer, it doesn't last a month, but that's the dream anyhow!).  I donated it one year to a co-worker's daughter who was having a tough time medically.  2 years ago I gave half to a nearby Salvation Army so they could buy book bags for kids, and the other half went to booze for a party for some of us senior staff members (meaning if you haven't been with RL for 5+ years you weren't invited).  Good times with all of it.  But this year I'm not letting it sneak up on me, I'm starting to plan what I will use it for.  This one will have to be something extra good...


George's O'Connor said...

Every time I go to America with my family on holiday (I am British so do not go very often) one of the biggest things that we look forward to is going to red lobster because of the wonderful experiences we have had at the restaurant. Reading your blog and understanding how someone who works there can be sick of the place just adds a general and natural element of realism to life.
Something that I look forward to and rarely see can become tiresome and boring for someone who has worked there for a long time...As is life I suppose...:/

Anonymous said...

Red Lobster pays you vacation pay BUT you must work 30 hours per week and at my Lobster you have to BEG for 30 hours.......My manager told me i would have to beg other servers to take my early cut or beg other servers for their shifts.....Bull CRAP.....also have to work 30 hours to get on their PPO Health Ins. Darden doesnt do anything for me ( Oh this is my opinion and not the opinion of
Darden Corporate)

cara said...

Lol I feel bad for the new hires who don't get anniversary pay. Luckily, I made the cut (3 years and counting) for someone who lives day to day, I could nedver forget when I have extra money coming!

Crystal Nikelett said...

What if your total rewards averages you out at 29.57 you lose your vacation pay over .43 hours??