Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bicycleing and cigarrettes

If I see you riding a bicycle while smoking it says one of two things to me*:

1)  You're a teenager trying way too hard to look cool.  I'm not cool, but even I know that is a lame look bro. (yes, it's always a young male)

2)  You're a stupid drunk.  If you're rolling down the street smoking a fag** on a 1980's vintage 10 speed or your kid's BMX bike it leaves no doubt that you got drunk (again), got busted (again again), and lost your license.

*Only in America.  The Chinese chain smoke while riding.  
**See what I did there?  Worked in some British slang in honor of the Olympics.


Mat Black said...

Totally true. I see lots of members of the D.U.I. bicycle club around here. It really kicks up the trashiness level when the guy is over 30 and on a BMX bike.

Anonymous said...

My family and I ride our bikes all the time... We own 2 really nice cars, a motorcycle and a shitty old jeep.... No DUI's, and we arent pants shitting drunk... BUT I DO SMOKE while riding my bike. Hell, I'd smoke at the gym if they'd let me.