Thursday, September 27, 2012

Request for servers in recently opened stores

Over the year's I've made mention of Ms. Sandra Pedicini - business reporter for the Orlando Sentinel.  Over the years she's asked me quite a few questions related to the ongoings within Darden and Red Lobster to get my perspective and opinion.  She's always treated me well, and her articles have always been fair and honest, even at times at the expense of Darden/Red Lobster (she's not a corporate shill/asskiss).

She contacted me recently with a request that I am passing on to all of you with hopes we can help her out.  I get no remuneration for it - and you won't either - but since she has always been fair and honest I'm happy to help her out.

What she is looking for:

Anyone who works,  used to work or interviewed for a job at new Olive Gardens, Red Lobsters and LongHorn Steakhouses – ones that have opened in the past six months. That last part is key - NEW stores is what she is looking for.  If you, or someone you know fits this bill, would you do me a favor and pass it on or contact her?!?

The other thing she is looking for is anyone who works at these chains who has been labeled something called an M28. 

All she wants to do is to ask you/them a couple questions about benefits and hours.  

You can remain anonymous with her.  She & I have had direct contact for numerous years, and I trust her journalistic integrity to treat you as she's treated me, and to keep your name under wraps if that is what you'd prefer.  She's very professional, and you may help write an article.

As is always the case with newspapers, the sooner you can contact her the better and more likely she'll be able to use you related to what she is working on.  Please contact her directly.

You can find her at:

Sandra Pedicini
Business Reporter
Orlando Sentinel

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