Thursday, February 14, 2013

VD free this year

Yep, I'm not missing working Valentine's Day.  Maybe missing the fast cash a little bit, but I'll get over that quickly.

A little Colbert humor never hurts.

As a server at Red Lobster, Valentine's Day for me always ushered in my favorite time of the year - Lent.  If you are going to ever make bank at a seafood restaurant, it's during Lent.

And Red Lobster provides the added bonus of Lobsterfest to add to the tally.  Good times.

And since I worked in an area that has a pretty high concentration of Catholics for some reason, it was all the more better for my wallet.

A word to the wise out there - don't propose to your girlfriend/babymama/skank tonight while at Red Lobster.  It's not a proposal story that is going to improve with age.

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