Saturday, February 18, 2006

Monsters Inc, or Waiting tables in the psycho ward

I think there is an area of our town breeding monsters. They are not big monsters, yet, but they seemed to be every where in my section last night. These little monsters were assigned to unsuspecting couples, who mistakenly thought that ordering something off of the children's menu was a good peace offering. How mistaken they were, as this only served to give the monster more things (and in the case of Mac and Cheese sticky things) to throw all over. Welcome to Red Lobster, we'll be racing monsters through section 3 in a few minutes, until then allow us to entertain you with this loud shrill screaming, it's sure to enhance your appetite, and certainly makes my work environment more pleasurable.

Do you ever feel like you are waiting on people quite possibly are ALL freaking nuts? That was me last night. Every table (except for two) throughout the night were gigantic pain in the but nut jobs. I had a lady order our chicken fingers, and then complain they are spicy. Um...excuse me...but you perhaps are the first person in the history of Red Lobster to think our chicken fingers are spicy. Our wings? Sure, they are a bit spicy, but the chicken fingers...the one's we use on children's meals...SPICY?, no they are not. That particular table was a nuscience the whole time they were in the store, from the wait 20 minutes for the 4th guest to arrive during rush, to the "we have a coupon" (it expired a week and a half ago mam) and we're leaving you a crap tip even after you accepted our coupon.

What is it with the temperature going below zero and all the idiots coming out of the woodwork for fish guts and lobster nuts?

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