Thursday, February 16, 2006

Waiting on the trans-gendered

My last table of the night tonight was a very nice woman, who I have no doubt that a few years ago was a man. Sorry lady, you adam's apple is sticking out more than your breasts. She was plesant, but at about 6'3" and 275lbs, with hands the size of a grizzly paw it was pretty obvious. The hormone induced voice change was the topper. It is clear she's on hormones, her voice is changing, and there is now virtually no facial hair. It's a bit distracting. But very nice as I stated, a great person to have as a last table. I always wonder what drove them to that level of a need to change physically to become who the believe they should be. But I guess I don't really understand any forms of body modification for the most part. Sure, I understand burn victims, and physical deformity issues, but much beyond that I don't relate all that well. Sure I'd love to not be fat, but I don't know if surgery is the solution to that problem. We do certainly get an interesting mix of people.

I started my night off hot. Lots of drinks, lots of big ticket meals. I don't even know what my sales were (bad) but at least I had a few good tables early to carry me through the night. It was so dead that after 9:00 PM we had four guests in our restaurant. Guess how many waiters it takes to wait on four guests. Answer: 3. Us two closers both had 1 tops, and the other person had a two top. My last table was $30, the other two were less than that. And you want me to believe this new system is working, right Red Lobster? And you want me to drink that Kool-Aid over there with all the others...

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Anonymous said...

Just a note, hormones do nothing to change facial hair or the voice of a MTF transsexual. Only painful electrolysis can permanently get rid of the hair, and only practice can change the voice (there are surgeries, but they're not very good right now). For FTM transsexuals, hormones do indeed change the voice and start growing facial hair however. :)

Lobster Boy said...

Well I stand corrected. Obviously I haven't looked into a sex change (and am not going to, so quit thinking that...).

I've heard about having cartiledge shaved off the voice box and crazy stuff like that. There is a lot I can live without knowing, and most of that stuff falls into that category.

I'm keeping what the Lord gave me.

Lobster Boy