Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Knee report in

I just visited my knee specialist, and it's a good news/bad news report. I have a very small amount of tearing on my ACL and have sprained it pretty severly. That means no surgery, which is the good news. It also means a knee brace for high impact sports (volleyball, basketball etc.) as well as physical therapy. PT is no fun, but I'll do it if it will make it better. Right now my knee feels somewhat unstable. It's hard to explain, but the sensation is that if I kick at something, it feels like my lower leg is going to keep on going forward after my upper leg has stopped. It's a very abnormal and uncomfortable feeling to be aware of. It's not event that it hurts so much on a daily basis, it's just that it feels weird and unstable. So I'm looking forward to getting somewhat back to normal. Thankfully it hasn't laid me up and caused me to miss any work.


Anonymous said...

good that you know, before you really do some damage. P T good!. keep writing good read. C

Anonymous said...

Pretty good description of how your knee feels.

I often tell people "this sounds weird, but it kinda feels like a loose tooth would."

Lobster Boy said...

To a certain extent it feels like a loose tooth. It's rather disconcerting when it feels like your leg is prone to buckling in the wrong direction. It's one thing for a knee to give way, it's another for it to feel like giving way in the opposite direction it's supposed to bend.

Lobster Boy