Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MRI today

So today I went in for an MRI for my knee. Never had an MRI before. You have to sit still, and I mean completely still, for 35 minutes. I'll find out next week what they think is wrong with my knee, but the doctor suspects an ACL tear, or the tear of another interior stablizing ligament in my knee. I've been living with this for 18 months, so I guess I can wait another week for the results. The MRI is in a giant cage of what appears to be the same metal (with small holes) that is on the front window of your microwave. Not sure what that did to the sperm production, but I'm more concerned about my knee for the time being. While it bothers me at work, it's something I can ignore and generally it doesn't really bother me until I get home and relax for a while. Where I have noticed it is stability for atlethics, so I've been unable to do any sports for the most part for fear of my leg giving way. Quick stops and starts make me uncomfortable, so there are times where it reminds me at work that not everything is OK in there. I'll be glad to be on the other side of whatever is in store for me so I can get back to having fun by playing sports. I suppose it's pretty likely I'll miss this summer's softball season, and golf likely won't be going on either. I guess that'll give me fewer excuses to avoid studying, which at some level is probably a good thing. I'm just worried I may have to find a desk job for a while this summer if I have surgery.

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