Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mother's Day is coming

Waiters hate Mother's Day. It really doesn't matter how much we make on it, we will hate it regardless. Mother's Day is like scheduling diarrhea. You know it's coming, and you don't like it, but you hope it passes as quickly as possible, and no matter what, you know it will be uncomfortable. Yes, it's that bad. Mother's day means that all the cheap bastards who neglect their mother the other 364 days in the year think they have only a 3 hour window to make up for it, and they are going to do it in one of my booths. You should be better to your mom (and dad!) than that. Mother's Day also means lots of ugly stupid looking hats. Primarily on women, but sometimes on men as well (nice one there Huggy Bear). Mother's Day means we have to wait on all 6 generations of the family because none of them has figured out how to use birth control or self restraint (abstinence, it works!). I hope it rains, a downpour, on Mother's Day. Do your waiter a favor, and cook lunch for your momma.

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The Necklace Lady said...

Hi waiter! Love reading your blog. You know, I've never been a server, unless you count the time I worked behind a steam table when I was 16, but I do eat out and enjoy knowing your point of view.

I've started to tip higher because of your blog.

My daughter always takes me out on some day other than actual Mother's Day, but we call it Mother's Day. We avoid the crowds and have a nice lunch.

Lobster Boy said...

Necklace Lady,
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for tipping well. Going out on a day other than Mother's Day is a great way to go. You avoid the insanity, the waiting, and the stress, and you can enjoy yourselves without being piled on top of other tables.

Lobster Boy

R. said...

Next week will be my first time working during Mother's Day! I find it hard to believe that we're more busier during Mother's Day than Xmas!! - How can that be possible!
Well I'm going to be working 8-9 hours on that day so I better be prepared to be rushed off my feet!