Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Afternoon delight?

As a waiter, I work primarily in the evenings. This means that I do much of my "normal" life things in the middle of the afternoon before going to work. This can be very nice, because some places (DMV, Mall) are less busy mid-afternoon. You get quicker service, and in the case of better quality stores you can often get personalized service.

Today was the day for the trek to the local grocery store. At times I will drive past this store to go to the same store in a neighboring community, just because this particular store serves a lot of lower income families. Meaning it's not as new, clean, nice or friendly. But today I decided I was running short on time and didn't want to drive the extra 6 miles each direction to the newer and nicer store.

Have you ever grocery shopped in the middle of the afternoon?

There are some really strange people out that time of the day. It was me, a stripper (I'd lay down good money that's how she's paying the bills, they were like carnival balloons with gumdrops on the ends...ick...), a handful of immigrants, and a whole bunch of trailer trash types (think Cletus from the Simpsons). There were people there who I think were trying to get fatter so they could fit more tatoos on their skin. It was a parade of people you pray your children do not grow up to be like. I saw a husband and wife punching each other (no, I'm not making this up), and then she threatened to kill him. I might avoid the aisle with the cutlery there sir. I saw more skin than anyone should have to see on people that size. I would understand if it were 7:00 in the morning and you hadn't showered yet, but it's 2:00 in the afternoon! I decided to not go down the potato chip aisle because it looked like a lineup of future Jerry Springer shows. Larry the Cable Guy just might be too advanced for some of these people. What a bizzare collection of people.

Makes me glad to be educated and employable. And makes me glad to be able to afford the gas to drive to the other store next time.

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espie joans said...

as much as I want to lambast you for being a classist prick, I am sure you're correct and are just stating the truth.

which is pretty sad. I wish you were just being needlessly critical, it would reflect better on the state of the world :(

reillyp said...

Just think... eventually you'll get to serve them!

Lobster Boy said...

I might be a classist prick, but I doubt it. I grew up poor, but was taught just because we didn't have a lot of money was no excuse. We bathed, educated ourselves, and are in the process of moving out of the lower economic brackets. I'm still a waiter, so I'm clearly not rich yet. I still use coupons (saved $20 today!) and buy off brand things. No shame in good stewardship.

Lobster Boy

BoringTales said...

We have a few grocery stores like that around here, a few Wal-marts you don't want to venture into after dark as well. It is less the hillbilly type though and more of the 'gangsta' (wannabe?).

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wasn't sure if you were mad about that post, but I thought linking to you would be ok...I saw you added me to your blogroll though so you must not be too mad!

Just out of curiosity, how did you come to find out about that post anyway??

Lobster Boy said...

The Lobster Boy sees all and knows all grasshopper... I was just checking who links to me via Technorati.

Lobster Boy

Joyce @ The Simple Blog said...

I, too, work odd hours. I'm a nurse and work 7pm to 7am, 3 days a week. Sometimes, like now, I'm off for about 4 or 5 days in a row. I get to shop at my local WalMart in the middle of the day. There aren't many people there, but I've had more cart crashes then than any other time. Even when it's crowded. The store is in Huntington Beach (CA) and you would think it would have some class. Not really.

My son is stationed in Louisiana and he's got similar stories as yours of his local WM.

Duckie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree with your comment. How much money we make doesnt give us the excuse to act outlandish, not get an education etc. Now, I'm not saying I'm deathly poor, but I make minimum wage, however, I'm pushing myself through school,I have a great apartment, nice clothes, I'd like to say I'm doing a whole lot better than alot of people who make more, or look like they make more than I.
PS: Coupons are my life! LOL

Kim said...

I go to the "fancy" grocery store and buy ridiculously overpriced designer groceries to avoid those type of scenes. Oh, and I too am glad to be employable.

Brad said...

I also often drive more miles to go to the suburban same branded store out of my lower class city. The city store is just dirty, poorly stocked, employs rude people and they actually have to pay security thugs to stand around.

Calling my city lower class sounds so much better than just saying it's predominantly black, don't you think?

Lobster Boy said...

My city has a significant cultural blend, with Asian being the largest sub group, and Latino being second largest. The block we live on has 4 white families, and the rest are every color of the rainbow. We like this diversity (great restaurants!). But I can totally relate to driving to the 'burbs for shopping. Our local store is in the city, and the one I prefer is out in the 'burbs. The one in the 'burbs still has a high ethnic mix, but it's middle class and up. We do have a local high end super market that is actually the closest store to us, but I don't go there much because it is so expensive. I can't justify the expense. Though I do buy flowers for my wife there, as they have some amazing flowers.

Skwerly said...

I totally avoid any and all Wal-Marts unless I need something in the middle of the night that my local grocery store won't have.

Even if you go to the south side, which is the ritzier part of my city, the trash has fully permeated every WM.

"Trash" where I live is mostly irrespective of color, but I can honestly say I've never seen a trashy Asian.

As we don't yet have kids (but have a bun baking now), my hub and I usually do our grocery shopping at about 10 p.m. In our area, that's a safe enough time, and the store is largely empty.