Monday, July 24, 2006

Join Us for the American Seafood Adventure

I mentioned a while back that we were getting a new promotion, which started last Tuesday. See below for details on the meals

NEW! Maui Luau Shrimp & Salmon
Skewered jumbo shrimp & fresh salmon fire-grilled, then brushed with our sweet & spicy glaze. Served over wild rice pilaf with grilled pineapple.

NEW! New England Harborside Lobster & Shrimp
A baked Maine lobster tail, a skewer of fire-grilled garlic jumbo shrimp & creamy garlic jumbo shrimp served on a bed of wild rice pilaf.

NEW! Southern Honey BBQ Shrimp & Chicken
Jumbo shrimp in a creamy honey BBQ sauce over grilled BBQ-rubbed chicken breasts. Served over mashed potatoes & garnished with chopped tomatoes & onions.

The honey BBQ is Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, which I have always liked.

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OldSchoolD15 said...

The BBQ Shrimp & Chicken happens to be my new favorite RL entree. To eat, anyway, if not sell.

Lobster Boy said...

My favorite thing to sell: 2 lb. Live Maine Lobsters at over $40 each. Next, Twin Main Lobster meals at nearly $30 each, followed by the New York Strip and Lobster meal.... you get the idea.

Unless that is of course, you are an inconsiderate prick who doesn't understand how to tip. Then it's Shrimp and Lobster Cesar Salad and water for you!

Lobster Boy

Bam said...

When our restaurant tested these entrees earlier in the year, I just couldn't bring myself to try the BBQ, no matter how much my co-workers raved about it. However, I really liked the New England Lobster & Shrimp and the Maui Luau Shrimp & Salmon was pretty good, too. My only complaint on it is when I think "Hawaiian" I think "sweet" and the dinner just doesn't carry a sweet enough taste to me. But it's good.

Skwerly said...

I've seen the commercials for these specials lately, and they all sound really gross to me.