Monday, July 31, 2006

Kayaking and the heat

I spent the day yesterday at the lake with friends and in-laws. It was a great day, and I had the opportunity to take a nice paddle yesterday afternoon in a pair of Kayaks with my wife. I've kayaked before, where she hasn't. She is experienced in canoes and other watercraft, but not Kayaks. Both were very nice Old Town Kayaks. Mine was a really big one (suits me well) and her's a bit smaller and more streamlined. Probably worked out for the best that way, as I am quite a bit stronger (and heavier) so I managed the bigger one very well. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy kayaking. Ours was just on a large lake, but kayaking is fun on almost any body of water. When we got back, my wife remarked that she would be willing to buy a kayak, and this was just her first trip! Not likely in our budget for a while, but it's hope for the future. The relevent part of this to the RL Blog is that the action of paddling for an entire afternoon has left this waiter a bit sore. Primarily in my hands, as they are not accustomed to that type of grip for that duration. The paddle twisting in the hands has left me with some sore paws. My back and arms are also quite fatigued, though not really all that sore. Lifting trays tonight will be interesting, especially later on in the evening. The multiplying factor is that it has been punishingly hot and humid where we live the past week, especially yesterday and today. The heat just sucks the energy out of me, so by the end of my shift tonight I'll probably be dragging. I can only imagine what construction workers and like must feel like during periods like this. I know kitchens are generally very hot (our dishroom is our hottest spot in our restaurant) but those jobs tend to be considerably less intense physically. I cooked for 3.5 years in another restaruant chain, and know all too well what 8 hour shifts standing over a grill surrounded by friers and warming ovens does to the body. Drink up, and stay cool. And if you get a chance, head to a lake and have some fun!

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OldSchoolD15 said...

We made diamond club! I got a wristwatch!