Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Let me first state that I am very pro-breastfeeding. I think it is natural, and the best way to a happy and healthy child. I'm not going to go into all the benefits, as that isn't what this blog is about.

Tonight I am waiting on a fairly new mother and father. Her child is 3 weeks old, and I understand her need to both bring him, as well as feed him. During the feeding time, she did a good job of being fairly descreet about it while still getting the job done. What I didn't really expect, nor want, was to walk up to the table while she was examining her nipple and complaining to her husband that she is leaking. I approached from behind her, not knowing she was hanging it out. I was going to grab an empty plate from the table, but since she was sitting there fondeling her right nipple for the whole world to see, I decided against it. I understand that it was late at night, and there were few other tables in the store, but that still does not make it the right time nor place to be doing that sort of examination. Then to worsen things, her cheap assed husband left me an $8.00 tip on $60 check after great service, after staying in our store 45 minutes after close, and being the only table in the joint for 30 of those minutes. They pulled away from the store in a Hummer H3 with some nasty ghetto rims/spinners, so it's pretty clear where the money is going. And of course, I got two verbal tips. Verbal tips suck. Leave cash, or as Bender would say, bite my shiny metal ass.

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Skwerly said...

It's classless people like that who give breastfeeding a bad rap. I fully plan on breastfeeding my Peanut when he or she is born this December, but I certainly won't be whipping out a tit for all to see. Sheesh.

First Year said...

OMG where to start?

(a) if you have a 3 week old, why are you in Red Lobster late at night?

(b) sure, breast feed discretely, but don't expose more then need to latch/unlatch.

(c) I hope no one around them was eating and listening to the "leaking" conversation.

What in the world is wrong with some people, this is why breastfeeding is so tough for so many to accept in public!

Whyme said...

I agree that babies need to be breastfed and this is a natural thing. That said, it is NOT natural to see people's private body parts in public. No no no no!

For all the mothers who have class and are able to hide their nipples, I applaud them and feel bad that these other classless twats are unable to do the same.

Duckie said...

I have to agree with what everone said. And oddly enough last night when I went out to eat at a restaurant there was a young mother breastfeeding but she had a small blanket draped over her shoulder. Then a few booths down there was another mother who was breatfeeding and well.. just like you said. There was alot of "nipple-itis"

SkippyMom said...

I used to breast feed in public with the largest blanket I could carry and only in an absolute emergency. The only time I ever had a problem (mostly b/c no one could ever see anything - let alone a baby or a breast) was late one night on a cross country road trip we stop at an all night dinner to eat. The local law enforcement were in there and saw the baby b/f I placed her under the blanket to nurse. Bless the old sheriff's heart, before I could warn him, he says "Just a peek" he lifted the blanket and got the shock of his life...I was so young, so I don't know who was more mortified - him or me.

There is no shame anymore - everyone thinks they are so entitled to do what they want. Yes, I had to feed my babies in public if I ever wanted to leave the house again - but it didn't mean EVERYONE had to witness it - besides, I practiced long and hard to get it right before I ever attempted it in public.

I think I would have spilled a drink on her (but not the baby)...sorry about that.

Love the blog!

Am said...

Well, I'm a former waitress and a current breastfeeding mom. I'm surprised this woman was upset about leaking. The first few months, many women spray like a sprinkler. A little boob never bothers me, and I don't think anyone should feel obligated to cover their baby with a blanket as a previous commenter did. The woman nursing in your picture is quite discreet, in my opinion.

However, late-night campers, verbal tippers, and those who leave just a hair over 10% should be skinned alive!

SkippyMom said...

am - I didn't do it out of obligation - I did it because I felt comfortable with the way in which I chose to do it - that said, did you notice the response the poor old cop had when he lifted up the blanket and saw a little boob?
With nursing bras and tops the way they are it is absolutely possible to nurse in public in a way that nothing really need be shown - some people just take it too far and I think that is what the argument is all about - those that feel it is their god given right to au natural no matter where they are - it has made it tough for the rest of us that do have some sort of modesty.

Trish said...

here's a little anecdote that i swear is 100% true, although i am not the originator of the story.

A mom is breastfeeding in a restaurant, and not being at all discreet, perhaps even dramatic, about the experience. After hearing a few minutes of "baby joey want to sucky from mommy? Yummy yummy sucky from mommy!" shit, the waiter gets nervous, aware his other customers are completely uncomfortable. his tables are giving him looks of "shut this woman up or we're walking out of here, you can cover our checks thank you." Seems like people are OK with the act, the visual, but mom's hideous commentary to the situation is finally getting on people's last straw. So he says something to her, perhaps she would like to use a more discreet area of the restaurant, etc. She gets uproarious, throwing out the full blown "proud to breastfeed" spiel, it's healthy, it's natural, i'm bonding with my baby, blah blah. The waiter conceeds, not wanting to deal with this battle cow and get himself fired for being a womanist.

It's the little old lady sitting beside the woman, however, that finally tames the tiger. She leans over to #1 Mom, and belches long, hard, and stinky right in the woman's face. After a look of disgust comes across the woman's face, the little old lady smirks, and replies "What are you concerned about honey? It's natural."

Ok, so i don't really know if that's 100% true, but i like the point. Natural doesn't mean it is everyone else's business. Should you be ashamed of what you are doing? hell no, not in the least. I'd be more ashamed to be one of those people giving my baby a bottle of Coke to chug down than to breast feed in public. But should you respect other people's right to have a titty-free dinner? I would say it would be a decent thing to do.

Bananna said...

Wow a Red Lobster blogger. I work at the lobster too, I will have to visit you more often.