Friday, October 06, 2006

You know it is going to be a crap tip when...

...when anyone at the table is wearing a shirt memorializing a dead rapper. Notorious B.I.G., Easy-E, and Tupac to name a few.
...when anyone at the table is wearing a shirt memorializing one of thier homies.
...when your patrons refer to you as "dude" when you are old enough to be their parent.
...when your customers ask you if there is a place they can park their skateboards while they eat.
...when your customers are under the age of 40 (and over the age of 10) and have no front teeth (and pro boxers or pro hockey players don't count because they buy replacement teeth).

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1 comment:

zelda1 said...

The teeth, wow, a dead give away to a life of poor hygiene, meth., or a tongue piercing gone wrong. My worst fear was my children would get a cavity, so, I brushed their teeth until they were pubescent, now, boy nearing 30, but both have never had a cavity. Yep, something to be proud of. Well, brushing and regular dentist checkups. Persistence, that's the key.