Saturday, September 30, 2006

These are the people I wait on after 9:00 PM

A friend tipped me off to this article. There is so much wrong with this whole story. I have no doubt I have waited on people who are almost identical to this family at least once a week for the past 4 years, and my friend suspects he has actually waited on this family. Some weeks I wait on families like this multiple times. Parents stoned out of thier minds, who you know had to drive to the restuarant, with a half dozen children in tow, spending all their money on Hennessey and Ultimate Feasts only to screw their waiter at the end of the meal.

Girl, 3, wasn't only child drinking
Court petitions report other children using alcohol and marijuana. Their mothers have lost custody for now.

Chao Xiong, Star Tribune

Multiple children were drinking alcohol and some were reportedly smoking marijuana in the house where a 3-year-old girl was found Monday night with a 0.12 percent blood-alcohol level, court documents said.

The children's mothers, sisters Diane D. Woods and Robin R. Keys, temporarily lost custody of their children Friday after the Hennepin County attorney's office filed child protection petitions to remove the children from their care. Keys, 32, and Woods, 31, each have six children ranging from 1 to 15. They refused to comment on the case.

The petitions in juvenile court describe a chaotic scene at the duplex in the 3300 block of Fremont Avenue N. in Minneapolis, where police found the toddler unresponsive, "fresh vomit all over the house" and drunken adults yelling at each other. Both sisters live at the home.

Woods' 3-year-old drank Windsor Canadian whisky after the girl's 14-year-old brother gave it to her in a cup and said it was juice, court documents said. He was charged in juvenile court Thursday with felony child endangerment and furnishing alcohol to a child, a gross misdemeanor.

The boy, who isn't named in the petitions, told authorities that his grandmother put the liquor in the boy's bedroom closet. He admitted to giving his sister liquor but said his cousin gave her liquor, too, the petitions said. No one else has been charged in the case.

Woods' 5-year-old daughter told authorities that she and three cousins, two of whom are 4 and 6, were also given and drank alcohol, the petitions said.

Full available HERE.

I was asked once by a naive server in training why stereotypes exist. I can't make this kind of stuff up.

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Hoodlum said...

Parents like this need to be drown in a bathtub Andrea Yates Style.

Little Penguin said...

I'm commenting a little late but I have to apologize on behalf of my family. I'm a concierge in a major city (but am from the suburbs) and I understand what goes in the restaurant biz a little bit, so when my mother told me about how my brother ate over 75 shrimp during the promotion, I felt for you.

Skwerly said...

I just don't know what to say about that article. I'm appalled.

My husband and I both fantasize sometimes about becoming vigilantes...we already have the guns and the motive; we just need some secret identities and a little less hesitation about actually killing a worthless piece of trash!

jody said...

The resturant I worked in last year was a typical overpriced chain. The bar often brought in the more dreg of the society types.
I had a table of a couple and their two kids. One of which was barely out of diapers.

They ordered shots.

I caught the "mother" pouring the shot into the littlest's sippy cup.

Upon confrontation she claimed it made the baby sleep better. An entire shot of well rum.

I hate people

Lobster Boy said...

That is when you run, not walk, to the phone and call child protective services. Just because you can, certainly does not mean you should reproduce.