Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I don't care how much money can be made on Mother's Day, it has to rate as my most hated day of the year as a server. I know I'm not alone in this hatred. Nothing worse than having to deal with people who've been waiting 90 minutes to get sat, only to run out of bread. This is the day all those people who normally neglect and ignore their mother feel they must make amends. It's the day that all the people too cheap to take care of their mother on any other occasion feel compelled to inflict their greedy stingy selfish ways upon their poor server. The nice thing though is the restaurant is too loud for us to hear you snapping your fingers.

Thankfully this day only comes once a year.


Steven said...


Steve said...

It's the one day of the year the obnoxious assholes think about someone other than themselves, and act like even bigger obnoxious assholes to impress their mothers.

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shady dem said...

We always called it "Amateur Day/Night". People who never go out to eat and are miffed that they actually have to wait to be seated. And, God, those large parties. Ugh. I don't miss it.

After I was GM for a while at my same store, it did tend to be an easy day if you planned and had your shit together, but the sheer non-relenting volume made for a very tiresome day. I think I hated New Year's Eve and V-day more later in my career.

Trish said...

we had a pretty smooth day at the OG i work at. But yea, lots of people come out that don't usually eat out...i thought i had a dine and dash until the guy came back, he was looking for the cashier! The tips also reflect who's used to going out and who's not- loads of 12-15% tips. you know you gave them more than 20% service, they just dont know that 20% is the new 15. oh well, with the turnover being what it is, you still make decent money.