Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When everyone is not here

This is a tough time of year to wait tables where I work and live. We get a sort of double whammy working against us in the summer months. First, our overall guest count are down. This means fewer shifts, and less money per shift, so your total earnings can really take a hit. This also means that our normal bad tables now become a larger percentage of your night. The richer people all go and play, going to a lake, summer home, vacation, visiting amusement parks, and all the other things going on all summer.

Plus, I think we'd all rather be somewhere else as well. We'd love to be relaxing at the pool, water skiing, playing softball, swinging in a hammock - basically anything except working here. So it makes for some interesting dynamics. I watch people figuring out the bare minimum they can work to stay afloat so they can go play and do all the fun things. I see other people looking like fluorescent zombies, never seeing the sun because they work every sunlight hour in our restaurant trying to scrape together enough to pay for their kids dental work.

These are the days we all wish we were salaried employees. The "generosity" of the worst is not the place you to hitch your existence to in this town, or probably any town for that matter.

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