Friday, February 15, 2008

Ghettotines Day - I'll be your slave for the night

Valentines. You would think it is a great holiday to work, and it probably is in a lot of other places. Not at an urban Red Lobster. You might think people would be out celebrating, and would be generous. Wrong. You might think the guys would be tipping to impress. Wrong.

High ticket totals and low tip totals. One of the worst nights of the year. It brings all the classless and clueless trash out, and we have to paste on a shit eating grin on and bend over and take it. Over and over again. Now I know what cute boys feel like after their first few days in prison.

I think we need to start a system like some cities are using to shame John's busted with hookers. We need to photograph (mug shot style) our crappy tippers, and then post the photos on the internet with a blurb about their crime for the world to see. We could compare our customers to the database CSI style to help us make an informed decision on the quality of service we will provide.


Anonymous said...

I used to work at the Outback (and Olive Garden before that) and Valentine's and Mother's Day's were by far the worst two days of the year. Thank goodness they only come once a year.

Laura said...

work at my red lobster was HORRIBLE yesterday. While I managed to get some good tips, It didn't compare to the $75 checks for lunch that left a $2 tip or $100 dinner with $5. I did make good money, but only because we were still on a wait when we locked the doors at 10pm last night.

John42881 said...

Hey, I have an idea.

Quit Red Lobster. Yeah, you read that correctly. QUIT. It is obvious you're not happy there. You've been whining for months on end on this blog. I know, I check back once in a while for a good laugh.

I used to work at RL too, and I didn't like some of the things you you know what I did? I quit! I found a better job. If you're so damned miserable there why not get an education and get a better job...or get a better job anyway if you're working on your education. As it is, you sound like a whiny bitch on here. Life could be worse than the money you take away from RL. Boo-hoo, so a table tips you crappy cash. So the corporate decisions tee you off. So the all-you-can-eat shrimp makes your life hellish. WORK AT ANOTHER RESTAURANT! Maybe then you'd get better wages and not waste so much time bitching to the choir on here.

flower shop girl said...

well john 4288, why do you care about the time wasted... bitching to the choir?
write your own blog about waiting, and link it here...

John42881 said...

I don't care, really. I just wonder of this guy knows how whiny and pathetic he looks by spending so much time bitching and moaning on here. I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one who's seen this stuff and has laughed AT rather than WITH him. But I guess some people aren't happy unless they're bitching.

mrclm said...

I'm sure people would flock here if the LB was writing about the nice old couple who drank decaf and shared a broiled flounder and baked potato with TWO sides of ranch and left a $3 tip. Oh yeah, and he could tell us about that one time, when that lady ordered coconut shrimp, and she really liked them.

< /sarcasm >

Cheesemeister said...

Humpty Hump would probably tell you, it's your blog, so bitchhowyalike! If some people don't like it, why don't they push off to the Happy Tree Friends website. It says "Happy" right there in the title!
I used to be a waitress and bartender, now I work in a retirement community. You put up with a lot of shite either way.
Valentine's day blows anyway, except for the candy! I would never go out to dinner on Valentine's day. My birthday is actually the day after Valentine's day, which means I missed being a sweetheart by one day and that's why I'm such a snarky beeyatch. I'll be going to celebrate it belatedly--at Red Lobster, coincidentally. I found your blog because I was looking for coupons. I always tip on what the bill came to without a coupon and unless the service is half-assed, I tip 20-25%.
The restaurant I worked in got a lot of old folks who thought that a dollar was a damn big tip. No wonder my power got turned off a couple of times! I couldn't afford to pay my bill.
Anyway, if you can't crab in your own space, where the hell can you crab? I say crab away!

Hannah said...

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