Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jesus would tip well

Servers are probably one of the demographics that most need religion, I can't disagree with that assessment. The stories I could tell about server debauchery...

Have you ever heard of a server getting saved from a tract? You want me to listen to you (or read your booklet), tell me Jesus told you to leave me a 25% tip. Now you have my attention. I'm listening! Seriously, how often do you get a tract and then get a crap tip? Far too often in my experience. So you're saying you want me to join your group of cheap, stingy, selfish jerks who congregate once a week to sing off key? Not interested. So you are saying you want me to join with you and a bunch of generous people who actually care about the single mom who is working for less than minimum wage to serve them their lunch and sing some songs? Sure! I'm down with that!!

Furthermore, almost nobody leaves me tracts any more. My coworkers get a ton of them, but not me. Am I all of a sudden unworthy? Do I look unsavable? I have coworkers who get 3-4 tracts a week, and I probably only got 4 in the last 2 years. What gives?


Anna-rchy said...

OK, so just an interesting thing thats been happening in my Lobster the past year. Servers are finding random religious greeting cards in the restaurant, with their names on them. Sometimes on the floor near their station, I found mine on the bar. Open them up and inside is $40-$60 cash and the card is signed "I sure am lovin you. Jesus." (at least that's what mine said)Its happened to about 6 people, me included. Nobody knows who does it, we can never catch them. (but I don't think they would want to be caught anyway)

So see, Jesus would tip well!!

mrclm said...

Man, that's an awesome thing going on in your store! I wish I would've gotten one of those before I left the Lobster. I have a nice collection of gospel tracts in my truck from guests (and from other servers who gave them to me). Once someone found out that I was planning on being a pastor they felt compelled to give them to me! I found it to be kinda funny, since I already roll with Jesus!

Big Chris

Steve the K said...

Maybe y'all should wear a "WWJT?" (What would Jesus tip?) bracelet?

christopher said...

I'm not one for tracts, mainly b/c I think they are cheesy, but I hate the rap that these tract-handing-out so-called christians are giving to the Christian community as a whole.

So I've decided I will start handing out tracts along with my 20% tips. Maybe this will show servers that we aren't all cheap-asses. :)

Manda said...

I've never handed out tracts, but I do make sure we always tip well, I've even added money to that left by my cheap skate Father-in-law. A tract doesn't do any good if it's not backed up by some compassionate cash.

Denise said...

I used to get tract/cheap tips ALL THE TIME when i worked the sunday brunch. something about being fresh out of sunday school gives the jeebus people the urge to leave crap tips and tracts.

i no longer receive these tracts because i figured out how to avoid them. you can usually spot when they're coming- people who are dressed up and they pray before their meal. i now drop hints about having gone to church the night before (my parents' church offers a saturday night service).

so, since the jeebus and i are already close, they're no need for tracts. and, since i'm one of their people, they don't want to kill me with cheap tips. i especially like to play it up with the real churchy types- "i wish i could participate in the fellowship of sunday services, but i just can't get out of this shift and i really need this job. saturday night services will have to do for now..." *heavy sigh and puppy dog eyes*

this usually gets me a fat tip and zero tracts.

Charlotte said...

In the weeks leading up to Easter, my church printed up ticket-like invites to one of our Easter services that we could give out to people. My pastor said that if you're going to leave one for a server at a restaurant, make sure you also leave a very good tip. If you don't plan on leaving a nice tip, then don't leave the invite.
I definitely said "Amen" to that.

weare138 said...

I live/serve in southern California, and for whatever reason we almost never get hardcore evangelists like this. We had one tract drop like, 3 months ago, and one of our servers who's studying to be a pastor keeps a little postcard for his church in his server book so people might see it by accident. I worked on Easter, though, and had some dude stop me as I was dropping his check and TRICK ME into talking to him.
him: So are you from around here?
me: like, 2 hours from here is my hometown...
him: can you answer a little trivia question for me?
me: (mentally: aw hell yes, trivia! I hope it's about the town!) yes!
him: do you know the only man to ever come back from the dead?
me: shit.

Then 5 minutes were spent with him just witnessing to me while his family watched. They were nice and tipped well, but I got weeded pretty badly. I'm a big not-fan of anyone who rapes a working person of their time at the job, by unwanted flirting, soliciting or witnessing. It just seems underhanded and unfair, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Masquerade said...

I don't get tracts anymore after I got into the habit of shouting after them "THANKS!! I'll show these to my fiance. She'll love them!!!"

I'm female by the way :P