Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mall hair

Ladies, this one goes out to you.

What is it with mall hair? You know, that big-assed half a can of hairspray and Ihadtogothroughthedoorsideways and Iamavoidingceilingfans styling?

This went out of style in 1988. It is only still acceptable in Texas, and only barely there.

Does this hair offer protection in case your car doesn't have air bags? What gives?

And to the sista's - what is it with the Mall hair weave? I've seen a lot of weaves, but bigger is NOT better in this case honey. I saw one the other day that looked like Tina Turner's hair, only twice as long and twice as puffy. It was bizzare. And had red in it. Red? In a weave? Seriously? We need to get Oprah working on bringing this travesty to an end.


Grumpy Housewife said...

God, I got over "mall hair" back in the 80s. You know, when it was somewhat fashionable to have ozone-layer-eating hair.

Girls, it's called a ponytail. It's an all-purpose hairstyle, you can even make it look elegant, and you don't look like a reject from some third-rate 80s hair band's video.

Charlotte said...

People still do that?


Eric said...

The bigger the hair the closer to God

Hobbes said...

Don't forget the guys still sporting mullets.

EE said...

It's no longer acceptable in Texas, either.