Saturday, August 23, 2008

New favorite Olympic Sport

Men of the world, stand up with me, UNITE! We must demand a 24 hour channel of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Anybody else see this? I've never seen anything like it. They should rename the event "Show your coochie to the world".

While I realize the intent isn't to be erotic, how any man with a pulse can watch this (unless it's his daughter or sister!) and not be "moved" I don't know. We actually had customers ASK us to change the station while this was playing!

A lady in our bar asked our bartender to change the station to something else today as she didn't appreciate her son's having to watch "these tramps show their good bits to the world." I actually heard a co-worker laugh when the lady got to the "good bits" part. Dang that's good TV!

And being Red Lobster, we changed the station. Did you expect something different?


Miss said...

That's hilarious that the little old lady complained about the women gymnasts. I wonder if she would have said something if the men gymnasts were up. You could see their "good bits" the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that when we were showing the women's (aka 9 year old asian girls) gymnastics, a few of my friends and I got the idea for a new website:, and

Anonymous said...

Hey Ribeye - "Camel toes". I haven't heard that in years.
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