Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makin' money in Philly

According to Zagat's newest guide the people of Philadelphia are the most generous (of metro areas) people in the USA tipping on average 19.6%.


According to Zagat - or at least the 5,507 local diners who reported on their preferences and habits to Zagat - people in the Philadelphia area leave an average tip of 19.6 percent.

New Yorkers leave 19 percent - the national average - while folks in L.A. leave 18.4.

Last year, Denver was No. 1, adding 19.5 percent to bills for gratuities. Philadelphia and Detroit tied for second, at 19.4 percent.

Anyone in Philly got a room to rent!?!


shanananana said...

I'm a server in Philly, and I can tell you that the Zagat survey only represents a small percentage of Philly patrons. I should also point out, as a server at a CHAIN restaurant in Philly, that you are way less likely to make 19% at a chain, especially RL.


coryphaena said...

I've read all of your blog, and I have to say - you are a MORON for still working for RL. TEN YEARS?!? Anyone with a quarter of a brain would have bailed out of there after three months of that crap. Go get a job in a restaurant with REAL check averages and patrons that aren't total nimrods. If you're going to wait tables, why on Earth would you do it in such a cheeseball, gangsta-wanna-be, joke of a restaurant?