Monday, February 23, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

And no it isn't the holiday season.  It's LOBSTERFEST!  Note that it is FEST not FEAST, though most of the platters are indeed feasts.  People have nearly as much problem with differentiating those two words as I do between lose and loose.

I haven't mentioned a promo here in a long time, but Lobsterfest cannot pass without note by me.  Because you see, Lobsterfest is perhaps the only redeeming time of the year to work for Red Lobster.  Our average ticket prices jump by quite a bit (though we'll see what effect the economy has on this), especially on Friday  through Sunday shifts.  But even lunch and afternoon shifts can become worthwhile if you hit the right customers who are ordering these big ticket item dishes.

Now to all you servers out there, I know Darden has pulled back A LOT on the idea of suggestive selling, but I for one will tell you it works.  Push these meals, but not in a pushy way.  When someone asks what you like, don't hold back, you like a fat wallet, and you get it from big ticket item meals.  Lobster Lover's Dream is the place to be.

So get out there and sell your asses off, it'll be worth it!

Why does Lobsterfest rock extra hard?  Because one of the few wise things Darden has ever done, they paired it with Lent.  Lent means Catholics not eating meat.  Lent means Catholics flocking to seafood restaurants after mass.  Lent means Red Lobster servers all saying "Praise Jesus" for the traffic it drives our direction.

Lobster Lover’s Dream

Lover’s Dream®

A succulent rock lobster tail and sweet split Maine lobster tail, roasted and served with shrimp, lobster and langostino linguini Alfredo. 31.50

Cape Cod Lobster and Salmon

New Cape Cod
Lobster and Salmon

A roasted split Maine lobster tail with wood-grilled, fresh salmon topped with Maine and langostino lobster meat in a creamy lobster butter sauce. Served over wild rice pilaf. 25.99

Roasted Rock Lobster and Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

New Roasted Rock Lobster and Grilled
Jumbo Shrimp

A roasted rock lobster tail paired with skewered, wood-grilled jumbo shrimp topped with creamy lobster butter sauce. Served over wild rice pilaf. 24.99

Rock Island Stuffed Tilapia

Rock Island
Stuffed Tilapia

Fresh tilapia roasted with crab-and-seafood stuffing and topped with langostino lobster meat in a creamy lobster butter sauce. 16.50

New Seaport Lobster and Shrimp

Two wood-grilled petite Maine lobster tails, savory garlic shrimp scampi and a skewer of garlic-grilled jumbo shrimp. Served with wild rice pilaf. 24.50

New Wood-Grilled Surf and Turf*

Two petite Maine lobster tails and a lightly seasoned center-cut sirloin, grilled over a wood fire and served over wild rice pilaf. 25.99

Ultimate Feast®

A tender split Maine lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi and Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. 24.99

Steak* Lobster-and-Shrimp Oscar

A wood-grilled NY Strip topped with Maine lobster meat, tender shrimp and fresh asparagus in a white wine and lobster butter sauce over mashed potatoes. 23.99

Lobster Nachos

New Lobster

Crispy tortilla chips topped with langostino lobster meat, creamy Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, jalapeƱo peppers and sour cream. 9.50

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Unknown said...

I just want to tell you I am a red lobster manager in pa and this is hilarious! A crew member has been bringing in your blogs for a few weeks now, and all of us are checkin them out!! Love it! and it's all soo true!