Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sex in a stall

Ladies, just how much do you have to have to drink before you'll slink into the men's room to bang your boy?

I have yet to meet the lady who jumps at the chance for bathroom stall action that is a keeper. Just a note for you guys out there.

This comes to mind since February is the month of "love". More like the month of morons if you ask your average server.

I mean seriously - getting it on in a chain restaurant bathroom? How romantic. Hey baby, watch out, there's a booger on the wall above you left shoulder and I want to thrust harder.

Oh honey, it's so hot when you blow me while the guy next door is deucing the Mexican special #7 from last night and just a bit too much tequila. No baby, just hold your breath and you won't notice it too much...

And how about these creeps who bring their paid ladies to the Lobster. Buddy, if your negotiations involve "chedder bisquits" you need to find a new trick. She's not worth it, keep rolling.

It's funny when we see different guys come in with the same ladies. We know of at least 3 ladies who have something working at our store. One lady is in at least once a month, so she's pretty easy to keep track of. The other two are more random. A couple of months ago, one was in twice in three nights. Different guys both times. And believe me, the ladies are never the ones who are paying. For any of it.

And then from time to time, we hear via the news of people getting busted snorting coke in the bathroom of a club. Have these people never been in a club bathroom? I'd rather do a line off a homeless guy's balls. At least then there is a chance of them being cleaned in the last month. WTF? I understand you're stupid enough to be using, and it is likely you are already coked up, but are you really that out of your mind that the best place you can snort your blow is sub third-world stanky?

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