Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to increase your take home

Paula said in the GSS - Guest Satisfaction Surveys post comments:

the stuff chain corporate restaurants are made of.....i hate the whole corporate scene....i do what i have to do and dont give a damn about their GSS and their add-ons. Doesnt put any money in my pocket so why would i care

I'd strongly disagree that add-ons don't put money in your pocket. They do. They make a HUGE difference in my take home. My daily/weekly/monthly sales are regularly higher than anyone else working the same hours/shifts I do, and it is because I NEVER miss a chance for an add-on or up sale suggestion. I'd much rather have 15% of $5000 sales a week ($750) than 15% of $4200 per week ($630). And that is a realistic difference. That's an extra $6000 in my pocket in a 50 week work year. And since I've been waiting tables 10ish years, that is $60,000. Now add the compounding interest to that, and it really adds up. (of course taxes are take too)

There is no faster way to increase your take home than to increase your sales. It really is that simple. Assuming you are competent at your job and not vomit inducingly fugly.


purplegirl said...

I've got to agree with Paula--at least in my area, it seems that most people don't tip on percentage. They have a rough amount they're planning to spend, and if I talk them in to something more expensive, it comes out of my tip. I get better tips when I don't suggest drinks, and maybe only ask about one add-on for the whole table.

Of course, my damned restaurant is going to one of those "sales-bases scheduling" systems, so I'll have to start pushing if I want to keep my shifts.

wrongturn said...
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