Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrong on so many levels...

"Nothing like a little butt-sex to get the juices flowing in the morning."

I overheard a co-worker say this the other day at work just after open (there weren't any customers around yet). And we all know who they are dating. A collective groan was let out by all in the area. There is a big difference between thinking/believing something and vocalizing it in public! TMI TMI TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if you've every worked in a restaurant, you know the above is not all that abnormal, though probably a step beyond where it normally stops. We say almost everything to each other. It's like a constant stream of consciousness (though one often clouded by booze and bong resin knowing my team). You always know where the hotties are in the restaurant, and where the dickheads are as well. We know who's banging who, what you ate and drank last night and other far more intimate details that most work places never share. I don't know what it is about wait staff, but there are few things that aren't shared. And in my experience, where this isn't the case, those staffs don't share the comradery the open staff does, and that detracts from your overall job happiness. Some of it comes from spending that many hours together in unnaturally tight quarters. When you've bumped, rubbed, pushed and pulled against each other in the alley on every Friday and Saturday night for the last eternity of weekends, verbal boundaries are nothing.

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