Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Sucks

When you are wishing that someone special a happy Valentine's Day, don't make the mistake and abbreviate it. Especially not if you are wishing them a happy one.

Valentine's day is truly a VD to servers. I don't mind it because the turnover rate is generally high with tons of two-tops I can make a boat load of cash from. But today is Sunday, and that will make for an epic train wreck of a day. Having Valentine's Day on a Sunday is like being kicked in the balls and then given a wedgie just to make sure you are really feeling the pain. Especially if you are working the lunch shift.

So honey, when I get home with a headache, hating people, smelling like a sweaty fish who showers in butter and cocktail sauce, know I still love you. But only you. Everyone else can piss off until at least my third scotch.


RetroKali said...

yep. And most of the people who go out to eat on a sunday suck anyway, add to that the cheap ass people who will go out on V-day, run you to death,spend all their money on cocktails, apps and fancy desserts, then cheap out on the tip.

mth1974 said...

This piece was one of your best yet!