Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Media request for Red Lobster's Censorship Policy

I was contacted by someone in the media asking about the absurd Red Lobster censorship policy. Anyone out there have a copy of it they could scan and email me? Or I suppose you could type it up as well. If so send it to RLserver AT Gmail Dot Com. Thanks in advance.

Update: Thanks readers, below is the exact text in question out of the Employee Handbook:

Internet/Blogging Policy
Darden supports the free exchange of information and supports camaraderie among its employees. We also are extremely proud of our reputation of being “The Best in Full-Service Dining” and of the strong brand identities we have created. Consistent with our company’s overall employee code of conduct, Darden employees must always express themselves in a manner that is professional and respectful when engaging in social media. When internet blogging, chat room discussions, e-mail, text messages, or other forms of communication reveal confidential and/or proprietary information about the Company or include inappropriate discussions about co-workers, guests, or others, the employee may be violating the law and is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Please keep in mind that if you communicate regarding any aspect of the Company, you must include a disclaimer that the views you share are your own, and not necessarily the views of the Company. This applies to statements made during work and non-work hours and in any communication medium (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, My Space, e-mail, text messages, videos, etc.).

Darden Restaurants Crew Member Handbook February, 2010, Page 28.

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~j~ said...

Hey Red Lobster!

Yeah, you.

Fuck you and your policy.

There happens to be a Red Lobster merely a matter of blocks away from me.

I won't be going back.