Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buy your furiture at the Red House!

This has nothing to do with Red Lobster, but is damn funny!

My only question is where are the Asians and Arabs supposed to get a sofa?


Harper said...

I am looking for the recipe from Red Lobster for a Create your own selection called "outer banks" It has not been on the menu since around 2004. Thankyou

Lobster Boy said...

Red Lobsters still have the makings for the Outer Banks Sampler that you are asking about Harper. If you go in during an off peak period, and are willing to pay a premium, you might still be able to convince them to throw one together. I know we have some old timer day people who would love to make one if asked. But I suspect it'll cost you a lot more than it used to.

Outer Banks Sampler:

One side of dish lined with petite shrimp, opposite side lined with scallops, and down the middle is what we call "DC mix" - which is basically a heavy seafood stuffing with langostino crab meat mixed in.

You can make this at home, though you'll have to play with the stuffing to find a suitable blend. Make sure you have cheese in your blend - Monterrey is best. I'd also recommend adding some parmesan cheese on top to crust it nicely. When the dish goes into the oven it goes in swimming with liquid and the cooking boils it off leaving the seafood and stuffing super moist. The ovens have changed so much since those days that I don't remember for sure, but I think they were set at 450F and your cook time will vary by how large you portion so keep your eye on the first batch, and even use a thermometer to make sure it hits temp. I suggest a wireless meat thermometer - that's what I use for anything I'm cooking in the oven for the first time.

Lobster Boy