Monday, April 26, 2010

The things people say in public

I wasn't waiting on this table, I only happened to be in the "neighborhood" when the shit hit the fan.

A co-worked had pointed out to me a couple of lesbians in her section who were slowly but surely having a heated moment.  They started out quietly, but as the minutes passed you could tell one lady was very angry at the other lady.  None of us were close enough to hear what was being said though, so we stood at a distance pretending not to notice all the while guessing what the argument was over.  My guess was the argument was over who forgot to clean the big blue dildo last time.  It could happen.

Just as I thought thing were beginning to settle down I hear a loud "crack" as the angry woman smacked the table with the palm of her hand (very hard I might say, she probably regretted it later) that drew all our attention to the table.  The very next moment the woman stand up, throws her napkin in the face of the other now crying woman.  Angry lady then grabs her crotch with both hands and loudly proclaims "You can suck my balls bitch!  SUCK!  MY!! BALLS!!!" and then calmly walks out of the restaurant.

At least 40 people had to hear that last part, and one guy a couple of sections over, a fratboy I've served previously, says "You can get mine too!" which causes the crying woman to now just bury her head in horror on the table.

Needless to say crying woman got up and gave her credit card to a host so she could pay and get out.

And the worst part is now we're all debating whether it was two women or what?  I swear as does the lady serving them that they were both women.

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