Friday, April 02, 2010

Coupons during Lobsterfest

Dear Red Lobster,
if you are going to run a coupon during Lobsterfest, could you at least wait until after Easter?

Have any of you actually ever served in a restaurant on Easter weekend?


Signed the Red Lobster servers of America


Anonymous said...

Yeah....Easter Sunday...just reading the Bitchy Waiter while waiting to get ready to serve at The Lob...cant wait....crappy tips and the once a year out to eat people....Red Lobster the Destination Restaurant for the People of Walmart....Im sure alot will come in their NASCAR finest....( this is not the express opinion of the corporation of Red Lobster) hahahahaha

Unknown said...

I'll enjoy my Easter outing at Red Lobster even more now that I know the whiny little bitches complaining here are gonna whine even more when I leave them a lousy tip for their lousy service.

Attitude is everything! Once you learn that, maybe you can advance to a more rewarding and challenging job than slingin' fish at the local Red Lob!

Odds are though, that you'll never learn it.