Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day - we survived - barely...

Mom, I love you, but I hate your day.  Nothing personal.

Mother's Day this year was exceptionally bad in my store for our staff.  We all know it is coming, and everyone knows we won't get any time off, that is the norm, so we're used to it.

We also know that it is an "amateur" day, meaning we'll get a bunch of people who don't normally go to places as "nice" as our Red Lobster.  We're used to crappy tips, but messes, and ridiculous volume of people.  It is that very volume that usually makes up for everything else, as you are assured to walk out with a pocketful.

This year wasn't any different from an earnings standpoint.  Most if not all our service staff made far more than we would make on just a normal weekend, especially on a Sunday Lunch shift.

But something was different this year.  Something brought out a new level of asshole in quite a number of our customers, a level and frequency of asshole to rival the proctologist's office down the street.

I saw a number of servers in tears over the way they were treated by customers who were out of line.  Credit to our staff that they took the abuse and walked away, especially to one of our more fiery fresh meat young ladies who I didn't honestly believe previously could hold her tongue at any point.

What is it that is in some people that turns them onto their asshole setting on the day they should be enjoying with their mother and grandmothers?  Do you think mom wants to watch you verbally abuse a service staff?  Do you think mom wants to be reminded that you are an impatient ass-clown?  Do you think mom is honored when you raise your bitchy shrill voice to cuss out a teenage hostess because you were dumb enough to think you'd get seated right after church on Mother's Day?

I could go on, but suffice it to say the local drinking establishment, our after-hours office so to speak, was filled with Lobster crew following both shifts.  Not that it is a surprise we retired there, but the fact that all but 3 service staff showed is nothing less than amazing.  Thankfully most of us didn't have to open Monday morning.


Suz said...

That's no shit!

Fortunately, I work the evening shift on holidays. This is a much better crowd, as the amateurs seem to show for lunch. Made a buck-fiddy without any major hassle. :)

Anonymous said...

At last a great post telling everyone about the crap customers we have at Red Lobster....i feel like i work at McDonalds...2 of our managers dont stand up for us when we get shitty customers... i use to suck it up but now i treat them as they treat me, if they are that shitty you wont get a tip anyway so why bother being nice......

shaogo said...

Mothers' Day this year was the same at our (value-priced) location as it was at yours. The cretins were running wild! Thankfully, none of my servers were reduced to tears by the abuse of these cheap, classless fools.

This year I had a prime piece of ammunition in my arsenal; my mom had died in March.

One idiot was behaving like a spoiled child. When I approached his table he threw his cutlery on his plate (spreading food all over the place) and pouted "I bet you wouldn't serve your own mother this food."

I replied "I can't, sir. She died a month and a half ago. I can tell you, however, that when she was alive she ate here all the time. I'd give anything to have just five minutes more with her -- and yes, I'd probably serve her the (deluxe Chow Mein) dish that you're having right now."

Talk about casting a pall on a table... The bone-head's own mother told him to shut up. I walked away from the table, crying.

MadBartender said...


I so dont understand blogging yet. I trying to get word out as best I can about something coming down the pipe from corporate that has many here very upset. Please help me spread the word. Thanks

Cassandra said...

Hey I heard about something like that!!! Something about team members....and crap.

Anonymous said...

madbartender....where did you hear this ? I dont think it would be legal to decrease pay.

Anonymous said...

madbartender....where did you hear all this ?

Lobster Boy said...

Hey Mad Bartender,
Just a quick question - what are the minimum wage laws in Florida pertaining to bartenders? I know there are a couple of states where they can't pay tipped employees under the minimum wage (California? somewhere else too I think). I'm just curious if this is why they chose the $5 rate or whether you have any insight into that process.

Lobster Boy