Friday, July 02, 2010

Man talk

Yes ladies, they are real.  I realize I've seemed to talk about body parts a lot lately, but tonight I have the worst case of blue balls in my life.  It feels like Stalin marched the whole Red Army across my crotch.  I'd rather be kicked in the nuts, that at least goes away fairly quickly.

It is funny when it is someone else.  This isn't funny.

Where's my Scotch?


Anonymous said...

oh that sucks. I have enough male friends to have that particular male phenomenon described to me in detail. So even though I can't feel your pain, I sympathize. so who's the culprit? a real woman or one you're watching on some other form of media?

Lobster Boy said...

It was definitely real - it was my old lady. But not her fault, one of those life getting in the way of romance moments.

Mariela Chavez said...

At Red Lobster what's their whole thing with requesting time off around Christmas? Can you do it?

Lobster Boy said...

Stores do things a bit different from each other, so your best bet it to ask an experienced server or your management so you know exactly how it will work in your store. Me, I've always worked Christmas Eve for the most part because it is slow and we get out quick most years. Quick enough to easily make it to church if you have a later service to attend.

For us they lump Christmas & New Years together and require a minimum number of shifts worked. I also try to work New Years Eve because you can make a killing that night with lots of fast moving 2 tops heading somewhere else. Turn and burn baby! And that give me New Years Day off so I can watch FOOTBALL!!!

Generally in my current store there are so many college students that they are all trying to squeeze in an extra shift over the holidays, so it isn't all that tough to get time off, even though the management would make you think it is impossible. The one caveat to this is that you are not guaranteed the time off because you have to find someone to swap shifts, but 90% of the time I can get off whatever I want if I plan ahead. Helps that most everyone owes me like 50 times over.