Thursday, July 15, 2010

I got crabs! Come and get 'em! Crabfest at Red Lobster

Some new meals for Crabfest at your local Red Lobster.  My thoughts can be found below on the meals.  A solid, if unspectacular promo by Red Lobster.

NewCrab Lover’s Trio
Crab-and-seafood-stuffed shrimp in a lobster butter sauce with ½ pound each of steamed king and snow crab legs. 25.99

NewSnow Crab and Shrimp
1 full pound of steamed snow crab legs paired with your choice of garlic shrimp scampi or hand-breaded shrimp. 21.50

NewGarlic Crab-and-Shrimp Pasta
Sweet crabmeat, tender shrimp and fresh tomatoes topped with a garlic Parmesan cream sauce on a bed of linguini. 18.50

NewCrab-Crusted Tilapia
Fresh tilapia topped with a creamy blend of sweet crabmeat, Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, then baked crispy and golden. Served with fresh broccoli. 14.99

My Thoughts:

Crab Lover's Trio:  This is a nice addition that I think will move some plates for a while.  The stuffed shrimp are pretty good when not over cooked and turned to rubber.  King Crab is the best crab in my opinion, and I wish they would do more with it.  I understand cost an issue, but I don't care.  King is King!  Snow crab is a pain in the ass to open and to clean up after.  Yes, I am a crab opening Jedi, but for the average local yokel, Snow is a lot of work.

Snow Crab and Shrimp:  Just get the Ultimate Feast.  You get lobster and two type of shrimp for not a whole lot more $$$.

Garlic Crab-and-Shrimp Pasta:  This isn't bad, but could be so much better.  Do the noodles in a butter, white wine and herb sauce with a few fire roasted veggies and you'd have hit a home run.  But then again, we wouldn't want to try anything too new or creative on the taste front...

 Crab-Crusted Tilapia:  Nice prep, needs a French cream sauce.  Pair this with the Creamy Langostino Mashed Potatoes to help make up for that (they are YUM!).  Oh, did I leave the word Lobster out of that description?  Yes, yes I did.  I guess because regardless of how many times Red Dumpster tells you Langostino are lobster, they are not.  And I won't lie to my customers.  They taste as good or better than lobster mind you, but they are not lobster.  That would be like calling a cat a dog because they taste the same...err...not that I would know.  Click here to learn more about Langostino - it got Long John Silver's in trouble for calling it lobster in March of 2006, yet we keep soldiering on calling it "lobster".  Me personally, I respect my customers enough to not lie directly to their faces, even if my company does not.


Drewcifer said...

Cats and dogs taste completely different. Also dog flavors vary from breed to breed.

Lobster Boy said...

I can see that being true Drewcifer. Different fish taste differently, so why not dogs? I think I'd start with a Basset Hound, they've got to be the most like Kobe beef.

yamiblue990 said...

all of it looks good. just wish it was easier to get the larger amount of snowcrab on a regular basis since i find it the tastiest. though i must admit king crab is good it needs just a bit of butter or lemon juice. sorry to have left a critique like this but some of us just really like the snowcrab because of how tasty it is alone.

Dee said...

I am a big fan of seafood, born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica seafood is a big part of my diet. I went to Red Lobster with my husband and kids last night and I had the crab crusted tilapia with a side order of the seafood stuffed shrimp and it was orgazmic how good it was. I love Red Lobster but not a big fan of lobster, I love carb more and so the meal I had was like heaven on earth.

Danielle B.
Snellville, GA