Monday, September 13, 2010

When you quit being a server

Well, I don't know that some of us will ever really "quit" but we will find gainful employment elsewhere.  That's kinda how it works when you do it for this many years.

But nonetheless, when you leave your serving job, I believe you are fully duty bound to watch the moving Waiting at least once a year for the first ten years after you leave the trade.  I think it was in the Guild papers you signed when you started serving.

And for those ten years you are also expected to tip no less than 20%, and often far greater unless you get service so bad it makes you want to run over their dog.  Then you are obligated to tell them why they sucked and why you are graciously only leaving 10%.

That is of course, unless you are trying to nail your server.  Then all bets are off.

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Justin Conte said...

I finally got out of the corporate business, leaving Red Lobster a few months ago, and it feels like a completely different world. I do look forward to the day I find myself at a "real job" though.