Monday, October 04, 2010

Stupidity is contagious it seems

Since about mid summer it seems as if stupidity among my coworkers has become contagious.  A couple of DUI's and jail time.  Assault.  Theft.  One lady got fired from her other job for sleeping with her bosses husband.  We've had 2 fights come to blows between coworkers (in off hours) with the cat fight between the ladies at a "work" party that was pretty epic (I wasn't there, but thanks to the iPhone & YouTube, I saw almost all of it!).  No, you won't find it if you search.  Private link, and no longer posted.

And that is just the beginning.  There is something about the warmer weather that seems to make servers extra frisky.  So the staff hook ups were crazy this summer.  I think it might be easier to say who didn't sleep with who.  And there was a night at a strip joint that led to the break up of not one but TWO work romances.  And it was the ladies who brought the men there that night.

All in all, this was a way above average summer for craziness.  Thankfully I've passed that idiot stage of life, but I'm still cool enough I guess that they are all still compelled to tell me about their adventures and escapades.  But between you and me, I really don't want to know.  There was a time I did (and a time that it was me making those stories!) but those days have long passed, I have performed those rituals and am one of the few left standing years later still able to tell about it.

So how does this relate to Red Lobster directly?  It does, very much so.  It is always fun to come into work and discover a scorned lover is scheduled to work with the ex and the new flavor of the month.  The icy stares, the cold shoulders, the poking holes in all the condoms in the new skank's purse.

And then it impacts me directly when I have to cover for idiot Joe who is in jail for the next 8 days because he had one...or seven...for the road and got caught.  Or having to pick up 3 shifts for a young lady who got so drunk in a boat on a fishing trip that she forgot to put on suntan lotion.  And was in the boat all day.  Yes, she looked (and probably felt) like the lobsters in my background for the blog.  And the really funny thing is that she had on a bikini, but fell asleep with her hand holding a can of beer across her stomach.  Yes, she showed us all.

As an aside, but related, our staff has turned over quite a bit in the last 2 years, and one of the results of that is that all the non-drinkers we used to have who still liked go out with everyone left our staff.  Meaning there are no sober drivers left to drag everyone home at closing time like there used to be.  Which I'm certain led to at least 2 DUI's on our team.

Maybe we need to add a training element on how to hold your liquor and how to call a cab.

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BlueDream said...

haha! remind me of the days i used to work as a waitress :)