Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is why you're fat

Awesome site - This is why you're fat.  I want to submit a photo of a super-tub drinking drawn butter eating a salad with mountains of blue cheese and french dressing after having licked clean the large ramekins of tartar sauce and eaten 6 biscuits with extra butter and ranch on them.  That or just  a photos of the Admiral's Feast.

And BTW for you NFL/SNL fans - 'Da Bears!


Moose said...


I've been reading your site for years.

Super-tub? I guess you'd be describing me. I weigh around 400 lbs.

I don't lick clean tartar sauce [ew], eat more than 2 pieces of bread or biscuits (and that's only if it's very good) let alone dunk them in extra butter or (double ew) ranch dressing, drink drawn butter (seriously ?!?), eat blue cheese or french dressing on my salad, or eat some kind of fried "feast." Off the top of my head all of the other really fat people I know, that I can think of, are the same way.

I mean, yeah, there are really fat people who eat that way, and there are thin people who eat that way, too. Always remember: the people who win those eating competitions are always rail thin.

"This" might be why "you're fat", but your post is why you're being a bigot. You wanna point out that you've seen very fat people eating craploads of crap? Fine. Just don't stoop to using words like "super-tub." ok?


Lobster Boy said...

Fair enough Moose. The most I've ever seen eat was a small Asian lady who DOMINATED our All You Can Eat Crab years ago. I wouldn't have believed she ate it all, but I brought it to her and watched her eat most of it (it was slow).

But yes, the behaviors are ones I see (regularly) large people doing. I have a semi-regular that literally eats an entire cup of tartar sauce with his clam strips. I've been yelled at by two managers for bringing that amount. I've introduced both idiot managers to said customer and he verified at the end of the meal that he ate it all. He's a good sport & used to be in the restaurant industry so is a delight to serve other than keeping up with him on beverages can be a challenge. I also bring him 40-50 sugars in a meal for sweet tea.